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C. J. Baker
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I've had this journal for ten years as of January 26, 2011, and I decided it was time to go friends only. Add me if you want to see what kind of hijinx I'm up to these days! :) By the way, I used to be known as "verucawerewolf", but I changed my username. :) Still the same Syn though!

So you wanna know about me? Well I'm pretty random, a little crazy, prone to insomnia and creative bursts of wackiness. Currently I am in the midst of writing several books in a paranormal romance/urban fantasy series. I publish my novels as ebooks, which are available for download for the Kindle, Sony eReader, or any ereading device, smart phones with apps, or your PC, at Amazon, and through Smashwords, which distributes my work to the Apple iStore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Diesel and GoodReads. My pen name is C. J. Baker.

You can buy my ebooks at Amazon.com or Smashwords! They're only $2.99 each!

Visit my original fiction journal cjbakerbooks, for the latest on my books, exclusives, images, and news!

You can also buy my swag at Fierce and Wicked!

I used to write all kinds of fanfiction, but I gave it up cold turkey several years ago. However, you can still find my old fic at my fic journal cicatrixstories.